Terms and Conditions


1. Data will be send on Daily basis , whatever data you have done in a Day , you have to send that data on daily basis , submit data every day.
2. In one Day maximum 4000 data will be Acceptable , not more than that.
3. You have to send first 1000 Company Listings of keywords and Locations given to you  , that data will be checked and if your data is corrected 4-5 times then after that your Limit of sending data will extended. 
4.Please send us 1000 company listings of keywords and location atleast 4- 5 times , then we will increase your Limit according to that.
5. You can Send Your All Data in a Zip File in between 25th--30th of Every Month. If you not send your Data in these Dates, then amount will be Adjusted on Next Month.
6. Payment should be Counted on Every 1000 company Listings. , if your enteries is less than 1000 in a month ,then these Enteries will be counted on Next Month.

Cancellation of Work

1. This is an Individual Plan . If any person having set up so this Work is not for them and we Can't give this work to them . If any person takes this plan as a Individual and do this work with set up , if company knows this thing then in this case Plan will be Cancelled immediately and No Amount will be Given or Refunded to the Candidate.

2 No Person can use any software for finding the data. If any person found to be do this then his plan cancelled Immediately.

3. This is An Individual Plan and only one person can do this Work , if any person found that he can do this Work with 2-3 persons , then this plan will cancelled Immediately and no amount will be given .

4. This is An Part Time Data Entry Searching Job Work , so please Don't Give Data from Some where. Any Person who take Data in a Bulk from Somewhere and give it to us , that is Not Acceptable.

5. Those Company having all above mentioned details , then you can enter in your Listings and if any company haven't whole Information or missing some Information then you please Can't enter in your Company Listings. We need all compulsory details.( If you not give compulsory details in your Company Listings then that particular company listings is incomplete and it will be treated as a wrong Company Listing)

Payment method :

If a candidate joins the job midway between a month then 1st payment will be made from the date of joining to last date of that month. Each payment will be made on 10th day of the Month.
For Example, if you are joining the job on 20th June, 2010 then 1st payment (Payment for 10days work from 20-30th June) will be given on10th July,2010. Next payment of whole July will be made on 10th August and so on.


Refundable Amount

There is provision of Refund of Refundable Fee, if a candidate is not willing to work after registration. To withdraw from the plan a candidate has to confirm by sending an email to info@parttimeworkinindia.com
Company Will Give Refundable Amount To the Candidate. After Joining Company Send Online Billing Receipt Mail on Candidate's E-mail id and in that mail Refundable Amount is mentioned, so when candidate applies for refund Amount, then He / She will get their Refundable Amount Back which is according to their Plan.

* Candidate has to confirm their withdrawal from the plan by Sending a Email. The amount will be refunded 45 days after the confirmation by candidate.

Note ::

1) Registration is valid for 13months.
2) After first payment no amount will be refunded.
3) If a candidate continue the job, no payment will be refunded.
4) If candidate do not want to continue the job after training, then mentioned amount will be refunded.
5) We make Cheque of  minimum payment of Rs.1000/- and if your payment make less than 1000 rupees in a month , then your earned Amount will be adjusted in a Next Month..

The collected data must be mailed on daily basis on
support@parttimeworkinindia.com Send one copy of each of the following documents
1.  Identity Proof
2.  Address Proof
3.  One passport size Photograph 
to the Following Address:-

Money Grow
321 Hari nagar Ashram
New Delhi-110014

Email: info@parttimeworkinindia.com
Website www.parttimeworkinindia.com