Email Sending 24 Hours Live Start New Plan Rs.2000 Per 1000 list Rs.4000
Email Sending Job Description : To start the work company will send one format on your email id. You will mail the format to the companies (Data will be provided by the company) or your friends. Through your mail how many people will join and which plan they are joining according to that your incentive will be given.

Regular Plans

Plan Name  Plan Fee Joining on Per Person Referral Refund Join Now Valid Till
001  1500 300 Nil Nil 31-05-2019
002  2000 400 Nil Nil 31-05-2019
003  2500 500 Nil Nil 31-05-2019
004  3000 600 Nil Nil 31-05-2019
005  3500 700 Nil Nil 31-05-2019